Back to Whidbey we go…


Wes has been home, but left for 5 days to sing in Wisconsin.  I am solo again, but it’s nothin’ compared to 5.5 months!

This morning, we were not getting off to a good start.  Emmett destroyed the living room and Silas was emptying the fridge. I had zero patience and decided we needed to get out of the house. So… we headed back out to Whidbey and it was such a good thing!!


This time I stopped at a visitor center and the women there sent me off the visit a family farm called Sonshine Farm. We pulled up and it looked like a private home and I felt a little intrusive at first. But, we called ahead and I knew someone was there.  We were greeted by a young gal who took us around back to meet their goats and alpacas!







They had baby goats and… oh my golly…. they were so incredibly cute. And soft. And cuddly. Nothing compares to a baby goat.




Now…  for something so lucky and amazing!!!  Had we come 10 minutes earlier or later we may have missed this.  As she was taking us around to see the male goats… she noticed a female in labor.  I looked at her and said ” Really?!  You mean we might see babies born?!”  We followed her into the pasture and got to watch the birth of two beautiful little goats!  It all happened in about 15 minutes and it was AWESOME!



Above, you can see a hoof and a nose!








Yup… pretty awesome!

How could you top that, right?!  Well, we went to Double Bluff Beach and the tide was out.  The kids did not want to leave.  Millie was happy there too!










A little bit of everything…



Under Highway 2

We have had some great adventures over the last couple weeks!  This post is mostly for Wes to see the kids, but I hope anyone else who takes a moment to visit, enjoys it too!

IMG_6098 IMG_6102 IMG_9828

I find that face painting seems to cure a bad day (you know the one’s… where everyone is crying… ALL day LONG).  This particular day was not cool.  I try to “make today better then yesterday.”  Face painting with the kids made me completely forget what a crap day it had been.

IMG_6063 IMG_6066 IMG_6067 IMG_6069

We have been up to Machias to visit Ole’ Chestter.  Emmett is perfectly comfortable scooping poop.  I don’t even have to ask…he just does it!  Silas is still figuring out his place at the barn.

IMG_5918 IMG_5910

IMG_5906IMG_5901 IMG_5896

I tend to decide at the last minute to go on ambitious excursions.  A few days ago we drove up to Twin Falls, but it was closed because of a landslide and there was too much snow left on the ground.  We weren’t prepared for that.  So, we drove back down and hiked about half of the Little Si trail.  Emmett was great!  My camera batteries died, so we used his.  To my complete and total amazement… his camera takes great little pictures!  I uploaded them for the first time today!  Most of these were taken by Emmett.

IMG_0527 IMG_0530 IMG_0534 IMG_0537 IMG_0538 IMG_0558 IMG_0559 IMG_0614

Emmett’s “selfie.”  Kind of awesome.


One day, a while back, I was busy working on the computer and behind me Emmett made a “giraffe” out of torn paper.  It was so awesome that he thought to do this, but what amazed me most is that he knew to put four legs.  He can count, but I never was sure if it was just memorized or if numbers had physical meaning yet.  Anyways….awesome kid.


I can’t believe Wes has been gone since the end of September and in two weeks he’ll be home.  Holy crap Wes…..we’ve done ok, but… seriously……NEVER AGAIN!


Emmett, my helper…


I can’t believe I forgot my camera today.  I had to work a few hours at the Opera house.  I needed to set up the makeup station for the ballet’s up coming Sleeping Beauty.  I brought Emmett with me to help.  He was AMAZING!  He helped me paint two bald pates (and did a really great job! There is a way to smack the makeup on the latex and a way to blend and he watched me and then did it almost identically).   He also helped me organize makeup and sponges, sharpened all the eyeliner pencils, put up wig clamps on the counters like a pro, and watched the stage crew put the set together on the monitor.  Then when we were done, we went up to see the stage.  He was so happy and I couldn’t stop thinking about what an awesome experience it is for a kid to be in this creative environment!  It is also nice to spend one on one time with him.  We were so lucky that Elisabeth was able to take Silas at the last minute.  Silas is NOT a good helper.  Not yet anyways!

A Day on Whidbey Island…


Many of you know that lately I have been a single mama.  Wes has had three amazing opportunities to sing in Europe and they happened to be clumped together over 5 months.  He left at the end of September and won’t be home until March 4th!  We thought about visiting him at some point…but… the thought of flying with two young kids…honestly…freaked me out a little.  So, we thought instead of that… we would save the money and take an awesome vacation as a family this spring.

It has been hard at times, but mostly ok.  Basically, I have been trying to keep busy and distracted.

After a long haul of Opera and Ballet makeup work this past fall and winter, I needed some time off.  So, I skipped out on Rigoletto.  I miss the opera terribly, but it has been pretty awesome hanging out with the kids and not having to rush off to work.  I will be back at it starting with Sleeping Beauty for PNB and almost immediately after, on to the next opera.  I feel like if I record our adventures here, it will help me get through the next month and a half.

Here are some pictures from our spontaneous trip to Whidbey Island!  While everyone else was watching the Seahawks game, we went to Fort Casey and Ebey’s Landing.  Even on a cloudy misty day…it was beautiful!

_ IMG_5530 IMG_5555 IMG_5551 IMG_5549 IMG_5547 IMG_5541 IMG_5537 IMG_5676 IMG_5597 IMG_5567 IMG_5595 IMG_5565 IMG_5656 IMG_5635 IMG_5633 IMG_5684 IMG_5614 IMG_5717 IMG_5711 IMG_5599 IMG_5690 IMG_5689 IMG_5586

Ebey’s Landing…

IMG_5755 IMG_5799

IMG_5783 IMG_5779 IMG_5776 IMG_5794 IMG_5814 IMG_5819

IMG_5825 IMG_5828 IMG_5830 IMG_5833 IMG_5842 IMG_5854 IMG_5860 IMG_5867 IMG_5870 IMG_5872 IMG_5876 IMG_5880 IMG_5745

Thank you Sean (my brother) for the awesome new camera lens!

Last Day in Prague…

Today, was our last day in Prague.  I will keep this post simple.  Few words and mostly pictures!

I will miss this beautiful city.  I will not miss all the people!

Astronomical Clock in detail.

Emmett loved the skeleton!

The sky here today was so crazy!


I have more pictures, but WordPress has changed something in their image uploading and it won’t let me post pictures in the correct orientation. ANNOYING! 

 I will post the rest on Facebook!


Estates Theatre…

Yesterday, Emmett and I got to go to the theatre to watch Wes as Don Ottavio in his last dress rehearsal of Don Giovanni!  The Estates Theatre opened in 1783.  Mozart premiered Don Giovanni here in 1787.  A few days ago, we were strolling by the theatre and there was an American tour guide talking about the opera house.  She said it’s the oldest opera house in Europe and that the interior is made of wood.   

Don Giovanni is not a kids show and this particular production has some overtly sexual acts in it, so the staff were a little hesitant on letting a two-year old watch.  But, a really sweet girl from production who spoke english, got us our own box!  The theatre is very small, but very beautiful.  Emmett waited patiently for the show to start.  We stayed for the first 30 minutes.  Emmett had lots of questions.  “why is there smoke coming out?” “why is daddy sleeping?”  “when’s daddy gonna sing?”  I think it is pretty cool that Emmett’s first opera (at almost 3 years old) was Don Giovanni in the theatre Mozart premiered it in!

Wes was great!  I wish I could see the whole show, but I get very excited to think about all the other work he will do just in the next two years!  I am very proud and excited that I get to witness him at this point in his life and career.  And, also be a part of it!

For my Hair & Makeup and Costume people:  The look of this show is pretty cool.  The costumes were modern and well-tailored.  The Giovanni wig is sort of a mohawk 18th century style.  The colors are very grey with punches of red.  I think the make up is great and every one looked very cohesive.  The faces were a pasty white with no contour.  The men seem to have brushing under their eyes and the girls have this awesome stippled red on their upper cheekbone (which read very well from the house).  There was no hard edge eyeliner.  Everything was smokey.  The set I saw, was primarily white and stark (with a steam vent on the floor and one window that had black soot above it… as though it has burned).  So, you can imagine the contrast between environment and performers was striking. 

Narodni Divadlo (The National Theater) is Opera, Drama, and Ballet.  They use four theaters in town and everything is part on this one big company.  I have been admiring their posters and photography. 

 The environment there is a little different then at Seattle Opera… so we only saw Wes in costume back stage for about 5 minutes. I told him pictures were top priority and we found a stair case with decent light. I chose to make them black and white because the original color versions were not great. 

Emmett is very aware of makeup and wigs. He has seen people transformed and wigs on blocks since he was 4 months old. I actually had to wear him once in a front carrier to a rehearsal for the ballet. He was about 7 months old and he was asleep while I did my makeups… which was ideal. But, when he woke up there was a fully made up Olivier Wevers in Carabosse witch makeup (fake nose… black eyebrows…wig and costume). I thought for sure he would cry. Olivier, in the sweetest voice, gently said “hello”.  Emmett was fine.  When Wes appeared in his Don Ottavio look, I think Emmett and I were both surprised.  Not that he looks particularly crazy, but usually companies just go with Wes’s natural look (stubble, side burns and all) even for period shows.  After we left Wes and headed for the house to get a seat… Emmett said ” daddy looks different”.

We have one day left!

The Charles Bridge…

The Charles Bridge is a really interesting walk.  I heard a tour guide say it was the oldest bridge in Europe (completed in 1402) AND someone told me that it’s foundation was made partially of chicken eggs!  It’s usually swarming with tourists, artists, craftsman, and musicians.  Maybe you saw the video I posted on Facebook.  For a while, I was avoiding it, but now that I have mastered maneuvering the stroller in crowded places… we have taken it the last few days.  There is always something to see.  I really love the statues (there are 30) that line each side of the bridge.  Some of these photos Wes already posted on FB… so there are some reruns.

Emmett thinks those are helicopters on their heads.

I have posted a picture of him already, but this day… the sky was different!

We take the first street to the left after the bridge to go to Kampa Park.  On our way there, we walk past the Lennon Wall.  Emmett was a good model that day!

This picture reminds me of Eddie Vedder.  Maybe it’s the shorts and the movement.

If you are curious, this handle is part of a water pump.  There are many of these around the city and Emmett likes to play with them. 

We love peace!

We walk past some sculptures on our way to the playground.  This is one of three giant babies with no face.  They are creepy and cute.

It’s an army.  An army of Segways.  You have to watch out becuase they come out of nowhere and suddenly you are surrounded.  Yes… you can take a segway tour of Prague.  I am just a little too cool to try it.