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Under Highway 2

We have had some great adventures over the last couple weeks!  This post is mostly for Wes to see the kids, but I hope anyone else who takes a moment to visit, enjoys it too!

IMG_6098 IMG_6102 IMG_9828

I find that face painting seems to cure a bad day (you know the one’s… where everyone is crying… ALL day LONG).  This particular day was not cool.  I try to “make today better then yesterday.”  Face painting with the kids made me completely forget what a crap day it had been.

IMG_6063 IMG_6066 IMG_6067 IMG_6069

We have been up to Machias to visit Ole’ Chestter.  Emmett is perfectly comfortable scooping poop.  I don’t even have to ask…he just does it!  Silas is still figuring out his place at the barn.

IMG_5918 IMG_5910

IMG_5906IMG_5901 IMG_5896

I tend to decide at the last minute to go on ambitious excursions.  A few days ago we drove up to Twin Falls, but it was closed because of a landslide and there was too much snow left on the ground.  We weren’t prepared for that.  So, we drove back down and hiked about half of the Little Si trail.  Emmett was great!  My camera batteries died, so we used his.  To my complete and total amazement… his camera takes great little pictures!  I uploaded them for the first time today!  Most of these were taken by Emmett.

IMG_0527 IMG_0530 IMG_0534 IMG_0537 IMG_0538 IMG_0558 IMG_0559 IMG_0614

Emmett’s “selfie.”  Kind of awesome.


One day, a while back, I was busy working on the computer and behind me Emmett made a “giraffe” out of torn paper.  It was so awesome that he thought to do this, but what amazed me most is that he knew to put four legs.  He can count, but I never was sure if it was just memorized or if numbers had physical meaning yet.  Anyways….awesome kid.


I can’t believe Wes has been gone since the end of September and in two weeks he’ll be home.  Holy crap Wes…..we’ve done ok, but… seriously……NEVER AGAIN!



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