Emmett, my helper…


I can’t believe I forgot my camera today.  I had to work a few hours at the Opera house.  I needed to set up the makeup station for the ballet’s up coming Sleeping Beauty.  I brought Emmett with me to help.  He was AMAZING!  He helped me paint two bald pates (and did a really great job! There is a way to smack the makeup on the latex and a way to blend and he watched me and then did it almost identically).   He also helped me organize makeup and sponges, sharpened all the eyeliner pencils, put up wig clamps on the counters like a pro, and watched the stage crew put the set together on the monitor.  Then when we were done, we went up to see the stage.  He was so happy and I couldn’t stop thinking about what an awesome experience it is for a kid to be in this creative environment!  It is also nice to spend one on one time with him.  We were so lucky that Elisabeth was able to take Silas at the last minute.  Silas is NOT a good helper.  Not yet anyways!


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