A Day on Whidbey Island…


Many of you know that lately I have been a single mama.  Wes has had three amazing opportunities to sing in Europe and they happened to be clumped together over 5 months.  He left at the end of September and won’t be home until March 4th!  We thought about visiting him at some point…but… the thought of flying with two young kids…honestly…freaked me out a little.  So, we thought instead of that… we would save the money and take an awesome vacation as a family this spring.

It has been hard at times, but mostly ok.  Basically, I have been trying to keep busy and distracted.

After a long haul of Opera and Ballet makeup work this past fall and winter, I needed some time off.  So, I skipped out on Rigoletto.  I miss the opera terribly, but it has been pretty awesome hanging out with the kids and not having to rush off to work.  I will be back at it starting with Sleeping Beauty for PNB and almost immediately after, on to the next opera.  I feel like if I record our adventures here, it will help me get through the next month and a half.

Here are some pictures from our spontaneous trip to Whidbey Island!  While everyone else was watching the Seahawks game, we went to Fort Casey and Ebey’s Landing.  Even on a cloudy misty day…it was beautiful!

_ IMG_5530 IMG_5555 IMG_5551 IMG_5549 IMG_5547 IMG_5541 IMG_5537 IMG_5676 IMG_5597 IMG_5567 IMG_5595 IMG_5565 IMG_5656 IMG_5635 IMG_5633 IMG_5684 IMG_5614 IMG_5717 IMG_5711 IMG_5599 IMG_5690 IMG_5689 IMG_5586

Ebey’s Landing…

IMG_5755 IMG_5799

IMG_5783 IMG_5779 IMG_5776 IMG_5794 IMG_5814 IMG_5819

IMG_5825 IMG_5828 IMG_5830 IMG_5833 IMG_5842 IMG_5854 IMG_5860 IMG_5867 IMG_5870 IMG_5872 IMG_5876 IMG_5880 IMG_5745

Thank you Sean (my brother) for the awesome new camera lens!


3 thoughts on “A Day on Whidbey Island…

  1. Shelby,

    Your pictures are just amazing; what an eye you have! Of course your subject matter is pretty wonderful as well. Gorgeous children, both of them and where did Emmett get his hair–he has the most wonderful colouring!

    You’re the best single mom but remember that if you need anything, we are just next door! P & p

  2. Shelby, you are so very talented! I love your pictures! You also had two beautiful subject matters too! Gorgeous children! You are a great mom! Hang in there! March is coming! We love y’all !

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