Estates Theatre…

Yesterday, Emmett and I got to go to the theatre to watch Wes as Don Ottavio in his last dress rehearsal of Don Giovanni!  The Estates Theatre opened in 1783.  Mozart premiered Don Giovanni here in 1787.  A few days ago, we were strolling by the theatre and there was an American tour guide talking about the opera house.  She said it’s the oldest opera house in Europe and that the interior is made of wood.   

Don Giovanni is not a kids show and this particular production has some overtly sexual acts in it, so the staff were a little hesitant on letting a two-year old watch.  But, a really sweet girl from production who spoke english, got us our own box!  The theatre is very small, but very beautiful.  Emmett waited patiently for the show to start.  We stayed for the first 30 minutes.  Emmett had lots of questions.  “why is there smoke coming out?” “why is daddy sleeping?”  “when’s daddy gonna sing?”  I think it is pretty cool that Emmett’s first opera (at almost 3 years old) was Don Giovanni in the theatre Mozart premiered it in!

Wes was great!  I wish I could see the whole show, but I get very excited to think about all the other work he will do just in the next two years!  I am very proud and excited that I get to witness him at this point in his life and career.  And, also be a part of it!

For my Hair & Makeup and Costume people:  The look of this show is pretty cool.  The costumes were modern and well-tailored.  The Giovanni wig is sort of a mohawk 18th century style.  The colors are very grey with punches of red.  I think the make up is great and every one looked very cohesive.  The faces were a pasty white with no contour.  The men seem to have brushing under their eyes and the girls have this awesome stippled red on their upper cheekbone (which read very well from the house).  There was no hard edge eyeliner.  Everything was smokey.  The set I saw, was primarily white and stark (with a steam vent on the floor and one window that had black soot above it… as though it has burned).  So, you can imagine the contrast between environment and performers was striking. 

Narodni Divadlo (The National Theater) is Opera, Drama, and Ballet.  They use four theaters in town and everything is part on this one big company.  I have been admiring their posters and photography. 

 The environment there is a little different then at Seattle Opera… so we only saw Wes in costume back stage for about 5 minutes. I told him pictures were top priority and we found a stair case with decent light. I chose to make them black and white because the original color versions were not great. 

Emmett is very aware of makeup and wigs. He has seen people transformed and wigs on blocks since he was 4 months old. I actually had to wear him once in a front carrier to a rehearsal for the ballet. He was about 7 months old and he was asleep while I did my makeups… which was ideal. But, when he woke up there was a fully made up Olivier Wevers in Carabosse witch makeup (fake nose… black eyebrows…wig and costume). I thought for sure he would cry. Olivier, in the sweetest voice, gently said “hello”.  Emmett was fine.  When Wes appeared in his Don Ottavio look, I think Emmett and I were both surprised.  Not that he looks particularly crazy, but usually companies just go with Wes’s natural look (stubble, side burns and all) even for period shows.  After we left Wes and headed for the house to get a seat… Emmett said ” daddy looks different”.

We have one day left!


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