The Charles Bridge…

The Charles Bridge is a really interesting walk.  I heard a tour guide say it was the oldest bridge in Europe (completed in 1402) AND someone told me that it’s foundation was made partially of chicken eggs!  It’s usually swarming with tourists, artists, craftsman, and musicians.  Maybe you saw the video I posted on Facebook.  For a while, I was avoiding it, but now that I have mastered maneuvering the stroller in crowded places… we have taken it the last few days.  There is always something to see.  I really love the statues (there are 30) that line each side of the bridge.  Some of these photos Wes already posted on FB… so there are some reruns.

Emmett thinks those are helicopters on their heads.

I have posted a picture of him already, but this day… the sky was different!

We take the first street to the left after the bridge to go to Kampa Park.  On our way there, we walk past the Lennon Wall.  Emmett was a good model that day!

This picture reminds me of Eddie Vedder.  Maybe it’s the shorts and the movement.

If you are curious, this handle is part of a water pump.  There are many of these around the city and Emmett likes to play with them. 

We love peace!

We walk past some sculptures on our way to the playground.  This is one of three giant babies with no face.  They are creepy and cute.

It’s an army.  An army of Segways.  You have to watch out becuase they come out of nowhere and suddenly you are surrounded.  Yes… you can take a segway tour of Prague.  I am just a little too cool to try it.


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