Dino Park, Childrens Art Museum, and Kids Day…

I have been a little slow at posting.  We have been doing a lot and I am always so tired at the end of the day.  Right now poor Emmett has a cold and I think maybe a fever.  He got up at 8am, but went back to sleep around 10:15 and now it’s noon… he is still asleep!  So, we will have an easy chill day…  it’s raining anyways.  Maybe we will go to the Bagel shop later, just to get out.

ANYWAYS… DINO PARK!!!!  Prague has it all!  I have to find things to keep Emmett entertained and he has been seeing these posters around town for “Dino Park.”   So, a few days ago, I got out my map and found our subway route to the mall that hosts the roof top dinosaur park!  I had read about this place on the Kids in Prague website and they said it’s pretty cool.  It was pretty cool!  I think it was WAY better than the dino exhibit Woodland Park Zoo had last year too!  Emmett seemed to be the right age for it.  The dinosaurs looked pretty good, were very big, and the sounds were great!  However, sometimes the dinosaurs would stop… like the wiring is off.  Emmett would say “I think that one is broken.”  It was entertaining for me! 

Waiting for the first subway train!  It was a longer trip then we normally take.  We were there in 30 minutes.

As we exited the metro station, we could see the entrance to the mall.  What an epic invitation to dinosaur heaven! 

Doesn’t it seem like the T-Rex duo are laughing at an inside joke?  Or maybe they’re laughing at me. 

So… the helicopter crash site… I didn’t really understand.  Emmett kept asking “Are the dinosaurs eating the helicopter? Why are the dinosaurs eating the helicopter?” And my only response was, “I have no idea.” 

I think that Emmett was not very impressed with this ride.

I think evolution is totally fascinating!  This, however,  is an odd illustration of human evolution.  “Vrchol Evoluce?” translated, says “peak evolution?”   Gee… I hope not.  It looks like this guy is wearing girls undies. Why are humans in a dinosaur park anyways? 

Outside or the park gate were these amazing sculptures that you can make music on.  I thought this was very cool and creative!

CHILDREN’S ART MUSEUM:  This place sits at the bottom of the Kafka house right in the Old Town Square.  We went there last week.  It was really small, but kids can play and manipulate the art installations!   

The theme for May was recycling and we got to make butterflies out of water bottles!  It was cool because the wall had all of these bottle caps fixed to it and when your butterfly was finished, you just picked your spot and screwed it on!  We might have to make these at home! 

Anyone with kids might be into this project… I got a picture of the instructions!   


June first is Kids Day in Prague and many of the parks we go to had little mini festivals, clowns, crafts, and other activities.  Emmett was a little young and it was really geared for Czech families.  Not a lot of english speaking, but we got to try some stuff.  The best was when Emmett got to ride a bike in this mini bicycle “park” with ramps and cones!  It was cute… he did pretty good.  I guess it’s time to move up from the tricycle!



One thought on “Dino Park, Childrens Art Museum, and Kids Day…

  1. The Dino park had me laughing until I cried, so funny! I think you &
    Uncle Sean better build a sculpture for the pasture garden!

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