Wallenstein Palace Gardens…

Today, Emmett and I walked over the river to the Wallenstein Palace (built in the 1630’s, was in the Wallenstein family till 1945, and now is where the Czech senate is housed).  The garden is open to the public, but don’t walk on the grass!  We learned that the hard way.  I often see signs in Prague that say “don’t walk on the grass”… and to those signs I say,  “Then why have grass? Why spend the time edging, mowing, and fertilizing?”  Thats okay… we find plenty of grass to run in here! 

The gardens were really beautiful and quiet, even with a ton of tourists.  Don’t be fooled by my cleverly cropped photos… there are literally hundreds of people everywhere we go… it seems like anyways.  We enjoyed watching the fish in the pond and following the peacocks!

Below is a picture of what I think is some sort of monument incorporated into the building and walls.  I know nothing of it and should have read about it when we were there.  I can’t find anything online.  It was huge and this is only about 1/8 of it.   Maybe it’s natural… I don’t know… but it’s cool!

On our way back into Old Town we walked by Occupy Praha.  A small peaceful crowd sitting in a circle… with a ridiculous group of cops watching over them.  Maybe there was more to the story here, but it looked dumb.  These cops should go get some schnitzel or something.

Eventually, we made it to the Old Town Square. 

This guy was delicately carving wooden molds for gingerbread dough.  We bought some really beautiful ornaments from him.  I thought they would be cool on a christmas tree.

I found this new alley on our way back to the apartment.  Todays weather was so nice and perfect for photos.  Everything seemed to glow!

Yesterday, was farmers market day!

We came home with some lettuce, spinach, radishes, apples, carrots, onions, tomatoes, clarified honey (?), 20 eggs, some pastries, and fresh pasta!


One thought on “Wallenstein Palace Gardens…

  1. Amazing photos – looks like a beautiful day for a stroll through palace gardens! Those handmade gingerbread molds look so cool – Thanks for sharing with this armchair traveller…

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