Petrin and Letna Park…

This is the view heading down from the top of Petrin Park and we are looking south.

We have now made it a daily routine to go to a park.  Often, Emmett gets to go to two parks in one day!  I had been eyeing this funicular tram that carries you to the top of Petrin Park (where there is a mini Eiffel Tower and gardens to walk around).   The tram ride is popular and it was completely full, but Emmett got a good spot standing on the folded up stroller!

We walk a round a little bit, got some ice cream, tried to read the map (with no luck… it’s in czech)…and after about an hour, we started walking back down.  We found a beautiful flower garden.

A really nice little pond with a couple of ducks!

It was a steep cobblestone trail system getting down… but we made it!  At the bottom was the best because we found the most amazing playground!  It even has a free (most public toilets cost 10kc or $.50 to use) super clean bathroom designed for kids (short toilets and sinks).   The park also has a really nice older fellow whose job it is to keep the playground and bathroom clean everyday!  We stayed for 2.5 hours that first day.  I was so relaxed, just sitting there reading as Emmett happily dug in the sand.  This park is so easy for us to get to from ‘home’.  We have been a few times now.  I pack a really good lunch and bring my Kindle Fire and we hang out!  It’s awesome! 

Emmett is sort of a sandbox toy hoarder.  I try to remind him to share with the others, but I will see him later hauling as many as he could fit in his arms and under his armpits.  I’m trying to get a picture of that… it’s hilarious!

Below, is another park.  Letna is on a hill-top just to the north of the city center.  Wes has been bringing Emmett up here.  It’s really amazing too!  We found a tram that takes us straight up, so I have gone too!  It’s another major climb if you are walking and that’s out for me, currently. 

For many years the Czechs were under communist rule and a massive intimidating statue of Stalin stood here.  All that remains are two bowls and a huge platform covered in graffiti and littered with talented skateboarders (it is supposedly one of the best skateboarding spots in the world).  Maybe, I should be photographing them instead of these giant bowls!

This is what it looked like before it was blown to bits in 1962. 


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