Alleys, Pools, Trams, Trains, and Lime-Aid…


Emmett loves to run up and down the alley.   Wes’s schedule is getting busy and Emmett and I have had our own adventures!

I have been visiting this website called Kids in Prague and it has been so helpful in finding stuff to do (because we have a ton of time to explore)!  It’s great too because the mother who put it together really explains how to get to places.  We have these really hot days and to be honest, it isn’t all that fun at a dusty playground in the city.  So, from her tips, we visited this amazing public pool the other day.  They have a big pool with a tube slide and a restaurant (basically hot dogs, burgers, etc) and an incredible wading pool for little ones!!  The water is 80’F, super clean, and is lined with a soft rubber!!  It costs $6 for me to get in and only about 20 mins to get there (tram ride and a little walk). Now we are on vacation!!!

I met another american mother there and she helped me with the menu.  Her family has been in Prague for 7 years and are heading back to the US in a month.  She said “You found the pool already! Thats great!”  It is supposed to be 80’F tomorrow!  We picked up some pool toys and Emmett and I are going to be there all day!!

I think I have mastered the Prague Transit System!  We have been on everything now (tram, bus, subway, and train).  What I love is that you only need one kind of ticket to ride the trams, buses, and subways.  I was hesitant at first to use the system… they can be intimidating when you can’t read the language.  But, once I get past the ‘first time’, it’s a breeze!  I so wish we have something like this in Seattle.  I would absolutely use it all the time!

Here is Emmett, waiting for a subway train!

I love lime-aid.  I can’t find it here.  So, I make it from scratch and it’s delicious!!!  The limes come from Mexico… seems like they could grow limes near the Mediterranean. 

Just hangin’ around the apartment!



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