Oh Emmett…

Emmett has had some moments lately.  We have been here for two weeks now and still have another four to go (for some reason, I thought we were here for 5 weeks…it’s actually six!).  He has been away from home for a month before, when we have road tripped down to Mississippi.  But, we were in our own car, with our dogs, and Grandmom and GrandDad’s house is a place he knows.  Lately, he has these breakdowns and cries for no apparent reason.  It can be stressful, but I understand that he is fragile and we are trying to make this trip fun and interesting for him too!

So, today was Emmett’s day!  I took him out around 10:30am and we dropped by this english language bookstore & cafe called GLOBE.  I bought a really great book for him and he had a great time looking around.  Then we went to the cafe to grab some lunch to go.  I let him pick.  He chose a Meat Ball sandwich (one of his favorites at home.  Wes takes him to Subway for the meatball sub) and some fries.  Look closely below and you can see a little face peeking!

Then we walked over to a park, sat on a sunny bench, and ate some meatball goodness! 

After that, we walked over to the playground.  This particular playground has a train the kids can ride for 10kc ( $ .50 US).  It’s small, but he enjoyed it and even said “Ahoy” (“hello” in Czech) to the train operator. 

One super-duper thing about being in Europe is that Emmett is fascinated with all the different ways to flush a toilet.  That has been great with the wrapping up potty training… he always wants to go so he can flush!

After the park, we took a quiet stroll to the store where we get groceries.  It’s like a mix between Fred Meyers and Macy’s, with the bottom floor groceries.  After we got milk and bread, we went up to pick out a new toy.  I only brought a small handful of cars, play dough, and some books.  We didn’t have a ton of room coming over and we don’t typically have to use toys as a diversion for him.  But, I really wanted to cheer him up and we found this cute little Czech worker guy with a truck and his tools.  So, far it’s been a big hit!

The rest of this post is just more pictures from the last couple days…

Here is poor Wes… waiting patiently as I take ANOTHER picture.  I can’t help it… every turn you make is amazing!

This particular sculpture, reminded us of Wes’s brother…Corey!  Seriously… the face, hair, and beard are a remarkable representation of dear sweet uncle Corey!



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