The Prague Zoo…

Yesterday, Emmett and I took an hour boat ride up the river to the Praha Zoo. 

Information I got said that once off the boat it is a meer 10 minute stroll to the zoo entrance.  Yeah…sure… not really!  More like 25 minutes and up hill.  And in the blazing 11 am sun… it was a small form of torture.  Remember, I am pregnant and Emmett is38 lbs and the stroller is another 15lbs.  I was toast by the time we arrived to the entrance.  Unfortunately, we were not able to read about the animals because everything is in Czech, but we did enjoy what we saw… HUGE turtles, penguins, seals, flamingos, hippos, and lots of birds.

These guys were HUGE!!!!  I mean really big… like 3-4 feet in length.  They were really cool!

I though these cows were so beautiful!

We had a really great lunch there and then around the corner from the food area was this amazing kiddie wading pool.  Wow!  That there made the whole trip worth it!  All the kids were naked!  I asked Emmett ” do you want to get naked and swim too?” And he said ” uh huh” with a big smile!  It was awesome and i hated having to pull him out when we had to leave to meet our boat back to downtown. 

 They have so much more, but I literally could not climb the hill to where the really great stuff was.  It might be a better trip with Wes!


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