Another Day in Prague…

Well… mom went home a couple of days ago.  I hope she had a great time… because we had a great one with her.  She plays so well with Emmett and she is a great help with him.  We had a super time running around Prague and we have so many pictures to remember it all!

(Sometimes getting Emmett to pose for a portrait is ….. really hard!)

The last two days here have been super warm… like 80 to 85°F!  I foolishly have been planning these big days for Emmett and I.  It is difficult to push him around these streets without over exerting myself.  We found a great place to take him that is a 20 minute walk … called Children’s Island.  It’s an island on the river that is just for kids. There is huge playground for little ones with a sandbox.  Also, big boats regularly float by because the park sits next to a lock system.  On the way home from the park, sometimes we stop into a little Vietnamese fruit stand and pick up berries.  The are not cheap but they are the best I have had. Second to home-grown.  I learned yesterday from a nice Slovakian mother that most of the fruit and veggies there are from local farms.  But then it seemed like she said not to go there because those shops are all about money.  There may have been significant language barrier there and I am thinking I will by produce from those stands because the alternative doesn’t really compare in terms of quality.

Here are those glorious strawberries with Breakfast!

We really only have one decent grocery store and there aren’t any farmers markets (like I had hoped).  I remember this type of experience when I was a nanny in Barcelona.  But, Barcelona has one truely amazing market and you can get everything from goat meat to fresh fish to African spices.  Czech republic is slower in the open air market and ‘local’ food trend, but I have to also consider that we are living in an area that is primarily focused on tourism.  So, groceries and toiletries are expensive and mostly people eat out.  It is not realistic for us to eat out for every meal.  But, I do enjoy picking things up at certain shops (like bagels, cookies, ice cream and cheesecake slices). 

This little pastry shop has everything and it all looks amazing!  They seem to have a couple of shops around town.  The cookies are rockin’! 

I think we will be going back for some of that lasagna.

Here is Bohemia Bagel… I found them on Trip Advisor and it’s only a 10 minute walk. 


Oh!  They have a play room!!  Emmett loves it and now asks to go to the “bagel store”!


Oh!  This is exciting!!! Look what we found in our building….

As I write this I am waiting patiently for our clothes.  Its free and just downstairs. But, I think I mentioned, that the ballet also uses this space.  The washer and dryer is in the men’s shower room.  Ugh…at least I have only been interrupted by one dancer dude.  I will be hanging out in the hall from now on or just have Wes do the laundry.

The ballet has been rehearsing Sleeping Beauty.  I know this because every afternoon I hear the music lift up and into our apartment.  I did not realize I knew the music… but I have worked Sleeping Beauty for PNB enough times now… it’s in my head! 

Today, the weather has shifted from 85° to 50°.  And its been raining.  It’s a nice break and it washes away all the doggie poo and pee.  For the record, Prague is pretty clean in terms of dog mess compared to my experience in Barcelona and what I hear Paris is like.  My mom saw a women last week with a cup collecting her dogs pee on the street.  How nice is that… not sure I would collect Millie’s.


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