Train trip to Karlstejn….

Today was a great day!  Wes was off and the weather was awesome!  We decided to try the train system and found a quick trip out into the country to a town called Karlstejn.  Once you are there, you take a 30 minute walk (partially up a steep hill) to the castle Karlstejn, built for Charles IV in the 14th century.  We read many reviews that said to skip the castle interior tour and just enjoy the walk up and exterior of the fortress.  Tickets for the tour were super expensive and from what we read, it’s pretty empty inside.  So, we stuck to the outside.  It was really beautiful!  The train ride was only 50 minutes and for three adults it was only $11 round trip, total!  Once we arrived we had lunch at a small restaurant and then headed up the hill through a super cute little village in a tight little valley, with the castle at the very end.

This was Emmett’s first real train ride ever! He was pretty stoked!

First we crossed a little valley and then the Berounka River.

You don’t see the castle right away as you are climbing the hill.  Then, all of a sudden, it pops around the corner.  It’s impressive to see!

There were your typical tourist shops (filled with silly junk) and horse-drawn carriages, but also a ton of food, ice cream, coffee, and of course beer opportunities. 

 Someone was cookin’ on a train BBQ Smoker!  I love that! 

Then, you finally get up there and…you know… the views are pretty good.  I mean if you like that sort of thing.

This, is what I assumed to be the old front door to the castle’s gate.  But, that’s me assuming things.  I like the little door.  Apparently, all these Europeans from long ago were tiny people… like my mom.  She’d fit in real good.  Well, I guess I would too.

This guy was minting coins for tourists.  It was a cool set up in a neat spot near the front gate.

Mom was trying all day to get a family portrait and of course we were like… “yeah yeah”.  But, I think she was successful… as we waited for our train back to Prague!

The rest of the photos here are just random shots from the last few days!  I have taken so many pictures, it is really hard to keep up.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


So, I have been using new tricks to get Emmett to hold still for photos.  For this one, I told him there was a bee and he should not move.  Is that mean? I think it might be.


Here is a funny shot.  I forgot to button his fly after the restroom visit.  Emmett is a thug.

I guess that is all for now.  Thank you for looking!


2 thoughts on “Train trip to Karlstejn….

  1. Bob and I really enjoyed viewing your pics. The picture of Emmett standing still because of the bee was kinda mean, but whatever works:) I feel like I have a boring life after seeing your beautiful pictures, makes me want to travel.

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