Daily life…

I thought our kitchen at home was small.  I realize now, that maybe we have too much stuff and our kitchen is perfect.  Because here… the kitchen is super tiny and is stocked with the bare minimum of pans, plates, cups, and utensils.  We have one very dull knife (which caught my pinkie yesterday), one abused mini teflon skillet, one very useful teflon pot, a couple smaller pots (that take forever to boil),  a glorious two burner electric hot plate, a small 4 foot tall fridge, and a microwave.  I am not complaining.  I actually enjoy the challenge.  I LOVE the simplicity and I think we will waste significantly less food.  This morning, I straight up put the sausage back in the pan after it hit the floor.  Same with a piece of toast the other day.  

For breakfast, I have made different versions of eggs, toast, and sausage.  I usually get the sausage going in the big deep teflon pot and then start the toast (one at a time), with melted butter in the mini skillet.  Then once a burner is free, I do something with eggs.  On the first day, I did  scrambled eggs and they were okay.  Second, I tried poached eggs.  Normally, at home it goes great, but it this a terrible mess.  Next, I made soft-boiled eggs.  I had more control over the cooking and it was great!   We have added potatoes to the mix now.  Microwaving them for 6 minutes or so helps get them going (plus it’s how I learned awesome breakfast potatoes from the Cooks Illustrated people).  Anyways, our breakfasts have been pretty good.  They just take a little longer then at home.  I have been searching for good one pot recipes (especially for dinner)… if anyone has some… please send them our way!!

We made chicken soup for lunch on Sunday.

Laundry… well, apparently there is only ONE laundry mat in Prague.  Wes went the other day and he had to take a cab to find it.  It’s far from where we are, so I hand wash most stuff and hang it up in the windows.  It’s usually dry by the afternoon!

Here is the view from out dining room table!

Daily life here so far has been different each day, but we are now forming a “routine” which is always good for a kid.  Typically, we all eat breakfast together at home.  Then, Wes heads off to rehearse.  Mom and I make our plans for the day from the travel books and Trip Advisor.  She gets Emmett ready, I make some sandwiches and we head out. 

It seems as though we are the only people staying in this part of the building.  They are doing a ton of construction and so the exterior is pretty rustic.  The building was once a convent, but now seems to be used for multiple things associated with the performance company that Wes is working for.  This is our alley and the first set of doors (to the left), before a hall and four flights of stairs to get to our apartment.

We usually all meet back at home for dinner (whether it’s at home or out).  Then, depending on the weather, we head back out.  Get some ice cream and walk through the square.  At dusk, it’s pretty amazing!

We have had some big time thunder and rain storms come through.  Mom finally broke down and bought an umbrella.  After being literally soaked unprepared multiple times, it was a smart move!


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