Our visit to the town of Kutna Hora…

Yesterday, my mom and I did something we normally would never do.  Take a guided tour on a bus.  The idea of following a guide around with their little flag with a large group, looks and sounds like a nightmare to me.  The truth is, I have never done it and there are not all like that.  We found a relatively inexpensive tour that took us a little over an hour outside of Prague to the small town of Kutna Hora.  We were two of seven and our guide was a soft-spoken girl who was very informative.  I first learned about this place from Ashley Delatour and Angela Burke.  Amazing photographers, who came back from the Czech Republic years ago with stunning photos.  I distinctly remember photos of the Charnel House, with its artistically arranged skeletons.  I never would have guessed I would get to see this bizarre, dark, and beautiful display of bodies… long ago lost from plague and civil war.

I am glad we had a tour guide and bus, because there is a lot more to the town Kutna Hora and it would be a long walk between.  We went onto to the Cathedral of St. Barbara and concluded at the Italian Court.  We had hoped to walk around on our own in the medieval part, but unfortunately my camera’s battery died at the cathedral, a thunderstorm rolled in, and we ran out of time.  But otherwise, it was great!

This carving is in the rocks across the valley from where the cathedral sits.  I’m sorry, I can’t remember it’s story…who it is or why it’s there.  But it’s pretty cool!


2 thoughts on “Our visit to the town of Kutna Hora…

  1. Of course, I was eating and looking at your pics at the same time. For some reason it bothered me, so I put my food down and continued to enjoy your weird and beautiful pictures. What is it with you and Sarah and skeletons?

  2. That must be awesome to actually see the decor… I’ve always seen that stuff in books, but never seen it up close. We want to make a blog too, but we don’t know how. We’ll try to find out how to make a blog, seeing as how we’re going to Legoland and Disneyworld.

    Keep us posted,
    Zack, Knox, G-mom, and G-dad

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